Our mission

Deny the Pie is a fictitious protest organization we created to help draw attention to what we feel is a serious problem in the investment industry. Every day, millions of investment statements are sent out showing nothing more that a pie chart and a list of investments. Simply telling someone how much they have in stocks and bonds may suffice for a highly-trained investment professional, but for real people it means next to nothing.

The result is that investors do not learn anything about their portfolios from reading their monthly statements. Even more importantly, most investors do not understand the risk in their portfolios, and that situation is unacceptable. When investors don't understand what they own all sorts of bad things can happen, mainly to the investor but also to the advisor.

We want to add more useful analysis to your monthly statement. Analysis that helps you really understand the risks you are taking and the rewards you may attain. This should be the commitment of every financial institution. The Dark Ages are over, it is now time to shine some light on the portfolios of ALL investors. 

       Deny the Pie!